The Case of the Soccer Con Artist

“Last summer, CSKA Sofia, the winningest soccer club in the history of Bulgaria, invited an intriguing prospect to train with the team. The player, a Frenchman named Greg Akcelrod, had been climbing the ranks of European soccer, signing with a top-flight Paris club and training with a team in Argentina. He had an agent and a Web site that showed him scoring a goal for the English club Swindon Town. He’d even been chosen as an ambassador for Lance Armstrong’s charity.” (WSJ)


One Response to The Case of the Soccer Con Artist

  1. […] The prospect seemed worth a tryout — he’d played with Racing Club de Paris, PSG, Swindon Town and Tigre and had an endorsement deal with Lance Armstrong’s charity Livestrong. Instead, CSKA Sofia was hoodwinked by a hoaxer reminiscent of Masal Bugduv — in a case that speaks to the “sprawling and decentralized nature of European soccer.” Oh — and now he wants a job in marketing. (Jonathan Clegg/The Wall Street Journal; HT Scissors Kick) […]

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