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The Best Football Tournaments, Ever…

Mario Kempes
“Since the dawn of time man has wrestled with this impossible conundrum. And following the glorious football that has generally been on display in Euro 2008 a lot of people are wondering where it stands in the pantheon of great tournaments. Coupled with this excellent Guardian blog and some terrific contributions from posters, it’s got us here at MD Towers thinking. Is it possible to assess which are the best and worst major tournaments? The simple answer is no. So here goes.” (midfielddynamo)


Video Of The Week: All The Goals Of South Korea & Japan 2002

“This week’s Video Of The Week is a little late, but it’s another cracker. All The Goals Of South Korea & Japan 2002. This one is a bit of a marathon (it weighs in at an hour and forty minutes), but it is broken up into handy ten minute segments. The 2002 World Cup was FIFA’s first joint venture between two countries, an experiment that the confederation has changed its mind about whether they will repeat about five hundred times in the eight years since.” (twohundredpercent)

Little player power in Major League Soccer

“The 2010 Major League Soccer season is due to kick off in just over a month, but don’t get too excited. A good old-fashioned labour dispute over player contracts could mean that the season is either delayed or cancelled altogether if the players go on strike. Negotiations between the league and the players’ union have already been extended beyond the original January 31 deadline (when the current Collective Bargaining Agreement between the league and the union expired) until Thursday of this week. But there seems little prospect of an immediate deal after both sides went public with their grievances at the weekend.” (WSC)

Wayne’s World: Rooney Leads the Field

The Building Of The Trojan Horse The Trojan Horse Into Troy 1760, Giovanni Battista Tiepolo
“This year’s Premier League title race has been notable for its unexpected twists and turns, but one thing seems certain: If Manchester United is to be crowned champion for a record fourth consecutive year, it will be thanks to Wayne Rooney. If it seems like the England striker has single-handedly kept United’s title challenge afloat this season, it’s because that’s pretty much true.” (WSJ)

Smurf with boundless belief

“At breakfast with the Dutch national team, Wesley Sneijder called out to Piet Velthuizen, goalkeeper of a small Dutch club: ‘Hey, Piet, how much do you earn?’ Velthuizen proudly replied: ‘€400,000.” “Don’t you think it’s funny,” asked Sneijder, Inter Milan’s playmaker, “that I make 20 times as much as you?’ After the exchange was publicly leaked, Sneijder protested that he and Velthuizen had been joking. That may be true – footballers’ humour is no laughing matter – and yet the conversation was classic Sneijder. The little man, whose Inter host Chelsea in the Champions League on Wednesday, has an unusually large dollop of confidence per square inch.” (FT – Simon Kuper)

One small step forward, two giant leaps back

“First, the now traditional apologies for this site’s dormancy over the past week. For once, this was down to technical problems. The main Smog PC has fallen ill with viruses, indeed so riddled has it become that I’ve waved a white flag, declared myself to be out of my depth and sent it off to be fixed. Using Mini Smog’s computer as an emergency back-up, it turned out that this too had virus problems, but for some reason they were treatable, though it took a few days and working through various routines to put it back in order. I wish I could blame inappropriate site visiting for these issues to have happened, but in reality I think it had more to do with running computers that hadn’t been using properly maintained checking software for some time.” (Smog Blog)