Bundesliga Keeps Financial House in Order

February 10, 2010

“The German Bundesliga wants the world to know that even in these trying economic times, it is solvent and competitive — a soccer island in Central Europe that exudes diligence, steady growth and smart management.” (NYT)

The Sweeper: The Bundesliga Model
“The Bundesliga is really getting some attention this week in the English-language press. Yesterday, as we mentioned, it was Patrick Barclay in London’s Daily Telegraph commenting on the German league’s financially sane model, with clubs less in debt and ticket prices affordable. Old news, but in these turbulent times in England, finally making some waves.” (Pitch Invasion)


Football Weekly: Different season, but same old Big Four

February 10, 2010

“The pod squad analyse Chelsea’s demolition of Arsenal, Liverpool’s bruising battle with Everton, and Tottenham Hotspur’s snoozefest with Aston Villa and ask: why are we getting another dose of the same old same old? Also in the show – and lest we be accussed of Big Four-centricity – we discuss Hull City’s recent revival now that Phil Brown ditched the earpiece and the goatee. Plus, we ponder whether Fabio Capello’s done the right thing in stripping John Terry of the England captaincy. And we get dewy-eyed about those Brat Pack movies of the 1980s. Finally, our favourite Teuton Raphael Honigstein brings us news of a rift in the German national team and the latest from the Bundesliga; Sid Lowe brings us up to date with Spain’s La Liga; and Jimbo tells us about Lazio’s mounting woes in Serie A.” (Guardian – James Richardson)

Good habits stand Barca in good stead

February 10, 2010

“”Successful football is about good habits,” quoth Brian Clough, more or less in those words. Maybe so. What he meant was that you inculcate good habits into a player on the training ground to the extent that the player then reproduces them automatically on match-days, usually without the manager’s further intervention. Clough, for one, was famous for not turning up for training sessions, preferring to take his dog for a walk, which was his implicit way of acknowledging that the habits had been taken on. Vicente Del Bosque is another one from this school of management, preferring not to change the well-oiled Luis Aragonés machine, and only applying fine-tuning when necessary.” (ESPN)

La Liga To Follow Premier League Television Revenue Sharing Model?

February 10, 2010

“Despite the current financial crisis in English football, it’s not down to a lack of television revenue for the Premier League. Indeed, that revenue is the envy of the world, with the £1.782 billion deal signed last year for domestic live game rights alone. The Premier League’s deals are negotiated collectively; the threat of, say, Manchester United going it alone has long bubbled under the surface, but the overall size of the deals the League have managed to negotiate, and the long-term benefits of it for the Premier League as a whole, have kept even the biggest clubs behind the collective agreements.” (Pitch Invasion)

“The Black Arrow”, Gil Scott-Heron’s Footballing Dad

February 10, 2010

“The great musician Gil Scott-Heron is touring with an album (I’m New Here). He’s stirring up all sorts of excitement in fans of ‘the godfather of rap,’ who are thrilled to hear new music from the genre-defining/bending artist who has struggled in recent years with addiction.” (From A Left Wing)