Pro Vercelli: The First Few Drops of Rain

“The season is nearing its apex. We’re clinging to the rock face and praying we can be the first to crawl over the summit. We’re out of one competition, having turned up our worst result of the year to lose 1-3 to Juventus in the second leg of our cup semi. It was the first time we’d lost at home in any competition this season, and it came down to Jacob Larsen, who kept goal like he was committed to an ethic of hospitality.” (The Run of Play)

Forever Is Forgettable (sport is a tv show)
“These magnificent palaces of justice, these incontestable equations, these airless vaults of truth. I’m tired of the league season, with its Wagnerian storylines and its glacial, accumulating march. I’m tired of being told that what happens in the fifth minute in October is as important as what happens in the ninety-sixth minute in May. I want a moment of lyric intensity, where the stakes are known and where the outcome is undeferrable. I don’t just want a knockout game. I want a penalty shootout.”

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