Italian invasion: Five of the best and worst Italians to ever play in England

“There haven’t been too many Italians that have made that considerably bold step leap of moving from the proverbial comfort zone of Serie A to the Premier League.” (SoccerLens)

How football conquered Brazil (BBC – Tim Vickery)
“I’ve always had a soft spot for the military figure who, when advised to take cover, declined with the famous last words: ‘They couldn’t hit an elephant at this dist…’ Thankfully, making predictions about football is not usually so hazardous, although it can make fools of the mighty.”

My teams of the season (BBC)
“It’s that time of the year when anyone and everyone seems to feel entitled to hand out their own football awards to whoever has caught their eye, sold the tastiest pie, preserved the most stone-age loo or even won a cup or two.”

Fast forwards should give Dunga pause for thought (Telegraph – Robert Shaw)
“Brazil coach Dunga is under familiar pressures ahead of Thursday’s announcement of the squad for next month’s World Cup qualifiers with Uruguay and Paraguay and the Confederations Cup. If previous form is anything to go by from the PR-averse Dunga there will be few surprises in the 23-man squad and perhaps disappointment at a missed chance to experiment.”

Top Coach Willing to Rebuild Lone Star—-Waiting for offers from Liberia (The Liberian Journal)
“The ever-growing soccer talents in Liberia and the inability to harness them win or make significant impact in competitions has been one area that has kept top Moroccan-born coach, Youssef Darbaki, wondering why.”

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