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What the new Super League is proposing ⁠- and how football has responded

BBC: Plans for a European Super League led to protests outside Premier League stadiums
“The European Super League is back. We told you it would be. On Thursday, organisers of the controversial project presented a long-promised new proposal for a ‘multi-division’ competition involving up to 80 clubs, operating wholly outside of the authority of UEFA, European football’s current governing body. … It didn’t take long for the proposal to make waves across the sport. Immediately after the document’s publication, The Athletic contacted a number of clubs, leagues, governing bodies and charities to gather their views. You’ll find their opinions below in our line-by-line breakdown of A22’s statement. …”
The Athletic
The Athletic: The Super League’s return explained: How it would work, the response — and what happens next (Video)
BBC – European Super League: New proposal would be open competition, say organisers
W – European Super League


How Erik ten Hag fixed Man Utd

Ever since Sir Alex Ferguson departed Manchester United the club has struggled to find a successful manager. That is until this season and the arrival of Erik ten Hag. The dutchman has revolutionised the way United play. Seemingly overnight he has moved the team from a counter-attacking style under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, to a possessional style similar to the Ajax team he created. So how has he done it? Which players have improved the most? How far are United from challenging the very best clubs? Jon Mackenzie explains. Henry Cooke illustrates.

2023 Copa Libertadores: location-map for the 47-team tournament, with Club Histories

“… This is the 64th iteration of the Copa Libertadores, the most prestigious football tournament in South America. The 2023 tournament is the 7th since it was expanded in 2017, from 38 to 47 teams. Since then, no team from a country other than Brazil or Argentina has won the title (Brazilian teams have won it 5 times since the tournament-expansion, and an Argentinian team has won it once since then). And Brazilian sides have won the last four titles. … This map includes the Preliminary-Stage teams: there are 19 preliminary-stage teams…and only four of those 19 teams will advance to the Group Stage. …”
W – 2023 Copa Libertadores

Ajax 1-1 Volendam: An Alternative Match Report

“As the players finish their warm-ups prior to kickoff at the Arena, “Freed From Desire” blares out and the stadium shakes with Taadeech on fiiiire! It’s the same routine before every match, so even though I’m busy buying a pint, I know that Dušan Tadić, captain of Ajax, is the only remaining player on the pitch. I know that he gets the ball just outside the box and takes a few touches before cutting inside on his weaker right foot. He shoots, looks up towards the fans, and applause ensues. …”
Football Paradise

Jesse Marsch at Leeds: Don’t rely on a transition game if your team can’t defend them

“In life, transitional periods put us under pressure for a certain period of time. Moving from one state or condition to another can present difficulties and, if you aren’t prepared, it might hit you hard. Whether it’s transitioning from an old job to a new one, moving houses, or maybe a different head coach at your football club. …”
The Athletic (Video)