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Football Cities: Newcastle upon Tyne

“Perched on a hill, visible from all directions as you head into Newcastle, towering into the air in the centre of town – St James’ Park couldn’t really be much more symbolic. Its location befits its status as an iconic focal point, right at the heart of the city metaphorically and spiritually as well as literally. A compact, soulless, identikit new-build stadium on the outskirts, encircled by acres of car park, big-box retail units and McDonald’s drive-thrus just wouldn’t be right. Writing about football and so-called ‘failing’ towns (as labelled by the Economist) on this site two years ago, I discussed an article that appeared in local paper the Chronicle in which fans expressed what Newcastle United mean to them, and to the city as a whole.” thetwounfortunates, W – Newcastle United F.C., W – History of Newcastle United F.C., W – Newcastle upon Tyne

The USA-Mexico soccer rivalry mirrors immigration debates raging in the U.S.

“Surprise, surprise. Another soccer game between the United States and Mexico is on the horizon. On October 10, the two teams will contest a one-game playoff for the right to represent CONCACAF in the always super competitive Confederations Cup, the tournament, hosted by the next World Cup host nation (Russia), that pits regional champions against one another. But do we really need another U.S.-Mexico game? With so many Gold Cups, what is the need for this brand new ‘CONCACAF Cup’?” Fusion

Tactical Analysis | Chelsea 1-3 Southampton: Southampton thrash shambolic Chelsea

“It was a famous day for Southampton. It was a miserable one for Chelsea. Buoyed by their opponent’s early-season troubles, the Saints marched in to Stamford Bridge knowing that there was never a better time to be travelling to Mourinho’s fortress. But just how did Southampton undo the Chelsea game-plan? How did Chelsea come to concede three goals at home in the Premier League for the first time under the ‘Special One’?” Outside of the Boot

Two losses out of two? There’s still hope …

“Arsenal, Shakhtar Donetsk, Borussia Mönchengladbach, Malmö and Maccabi Tel-Aviv have the unwanted tally of zero points from two UEFA Champions League games – but their hopes have not completely died. This is the 13th season since the current UEFA Champions League format of eight groups leading to a knockout round of 16 was introduced in 2003/04. In the first 12 campaigns, 68 teams lost their opening two matches; yet of those, six still made it through to the next stage, one actually topping their group. Our graphic explains how many sides have gone through or been eliminated after having each of the six possible points’ totals following matchday two – while beneath we chronicle the six clubs that shook off the worst possible start to earn a knockout berth.” UEFA

Southampton Were Never Bad

“Once more as we enjoy the plot and intrigue surrounding the league boiling up to a deliciously non-tepid level, the all important momentum is halted by the intervention of a wholly undesired and largely trivial wander into the international arena. That said, the time off gives plenty of time for recruitment and sadly i’m going to have to rule myself out of the running for the Sunderland job; the threat of relegation is simply too great a risk at this stage of my managerial career and I feel the organisation has not sufficiently embraced the modern analytical methods I espouse…” Stats Bomb