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Tactical Analysis: Arsenal 4-1 Liverpool | Intensive high pressing and off-the-ball setup

“Turn your calendars one year back, and you’ll be reminded of a Liverpool master-class, embarrassing an Arsenal side that seemingly had the title in their sights, being undone by intensive high pressing from Brendan Rodgers’ men. While revenge isn’t something an experienced man like Arsene Wenger would spend much time on, the Frenchman sent a message by doing to Liverpool exactly what they did, in a strikingly similar manner.” Outside of the Boot

Club América’s mini-crisis is over thanks to Rubens Sambueza

“Club América entered the weekend in crisis and exited with calm, though it didn’t take much to pull-off the turnaround. All it needed was well-timed 1-0 rivalry win over an inner-city rival, with Cruz Azul falling at Estadio Azteca in Saturday’s Clásico Joven. The derby’s name, meaning ‘young’ or ‘juvenile,’ is a bit of a misnomer, though it nods to the fact that Mexico’s two biggest teams, América and Chivas, have been battling each other longer, with Guadalajara rivals Chivas and Atlas at odds for even longer than that. Back in Mexico City, the Aguilas and La Maquina have played more than 150 times since first meeting in the summer of 1964, with América taking its 55th victory compared with 51 losses.” Soccer Gods

We’re All Gonna Live Forever!

“Last night’s piece, “We’re All Gonna Die!” provoked a lot of debate, much of which took place on Twitter. There were a lot of interesting comments, plus the usual complaints. (And of course, the usual excellent discussions in the comments on this site.) I figured it’d be easier to write a (fairly) short addendum on here, rather than reply to various queries in a medium not suited to getting across complex ideas. Obviously the original piece was fairly long, but it deals with a pretty big issue; it wasn’t 4,500 words on why Alberto Moreno chooses to have a stubbly beard.” Tomkins Times

Bielsa Burnout: Marseille’s Meltdown Against PSG Mirrors Their Manager’s Career

“Marcelo Bielsa’s teams are just different. If you’re watching a game with the Argentine manning the sidelines, it’s obvious within minutes. His sides run more and they run differently than any other team in the world. With his unique approach, Bielsa has influenced managers from Bayern Munich’s Pep Guardiola to Tottenham’s Mauricio Pochettino. Chile’s current national team coach, Jorge Sampaoli, proudly counts himself as one of the most devout Bielsistas around, and his side was the most fun and most different team at last summer’s World Cup.” Grantland (Video)

Tactical Analysis : Borussia Dortmund 0-1 Bayern Munich | 2 man strike force undoes Dortmund again

“The 2014-15 season has been one of contrast for the two sides that were in action on Saturday night at the Signal Iduna Park. While the home side have been languishing near the bottom and the middle of the table for long periods of the season, the visitors, Bayern Munich, have been threatening to run away with the title throughout the season. The difference in their respective positions on the table didn’t really matter in the super charged atmosphere that greeted both sides. The noise level at the stadium was deafening, with the home fans looking to get behind their side.” Outside of the Boot

Kevin De Bruyne’s role as the heart of Wolfsburg

“Wolfsburg’s 4-1 demolition of Bayern Munich at the end of January sent shock waves through the football world, announcing Wolfsburg to the neutrals who hadn’t yet noticed their success this year. Despite a Bas Dost double, including a beautifully ambiguous intentional volley, one man stole the show – Kevin De Bruyne, his assist and brace exemplifying his role as the star man of the team.” Bundesliga Fanatic

Argentine referee uses replay to correct call, faces punishment

“Being a referee in a technology-soaked era is a no-win proposition, like being accused of witchcraft in the 1700s. Float when you’re throw into water? Guilty! Drown? Innocent! Right is wrong, wrong is right, and you’re screwed either way. Like leading Argentinian referee German Delfino, who is being investigated and faces a potential suspension for reversing an incorrect decision through the use of replay. Because, of course, the officials are the only people in any stadium not allowed to look at footage of matches. It’s like installing a GPS device in a car but placing the screen on the back seat, where the driver can’t see it.” Fusion