Are economic hardships in Brazil set to overshadow the 2014 World Cup?

“The lead up to a World Cup is a period where fans of the sport are filled with excitement and a child-like enthusiasm for a game; a game where nations compete in arguably the biggest competition in world sport. The years leading up to this colossal event are filled with building up hopes and expectations as they soar to an unrealistic level; hopes which come with the apprehension of the nightmare scenario which could be beheld or the joyous dream option which many will pray for well in advance. All this adds to the sheer spectacle a country puts on for the fans and players, and no other country has a carnival reputation like Brazil. However, in these modern times, it seems passion and zeal for the sport is not enough as money matters are playing a more important role than ever before. Brazil 2014 is not immune to this, and is possibly the most economically analysed World Cup in history.” Think Football


1 thought on “Are economic hardships in Brazil set to overshadow the 2014 World Cup?

  1. Gaston Cavalleri

    I’m in Brazil at the moment – Santa Catarina – to the South. There was chaos for New Years eve and Christmas in many of the cities down here; Brazil to the south is often considered more developed than some for the northern parts of the country. Having said this it’s not always the case. When I say “chaos” I’m referring to traffic jams due to overpopulated cities and water shortages and lack of power supplies. When I say “shortage” I mean there was none. There’s many other issues in Brazil that relate to lack of investment. I spoke with a social worker from Sao Paulo about this the other day and she’s tells me “things will go down in Sao Paulo” when the Olympics arrive. Many of the people living in poverty, who she works with, “are preparing to create chaos,” according to her. She tells me how poor the public transport system is for the current Sao Paulo populations and that the Olympic visitors are going to experience disaster. “Soccer kills” is another saying some of the locals say in Brazil. According to them people are loosing lives in preparation for the Olympics.


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