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Five Games That Altered Spain’s History

GROUP H, Match #15: Spain 4-0 Ukraine, Germany
“The fanfare for Spain’s three tournament wins in a row will take a while to die down, but these five games show that it isn’t all about 20-year coaching strategies, sometimes you’ve got to learn on the job… From popular underachievers to feared world and two-time European champions, Spain have come an awful long way in recent years. Here are five games that proved crucial in the shaping of a side that has made winning a habit and an art form.” Sabotage Times (Video)

The Future of Non League Football 2012

“So after seven weeks we have re-presented our updated manifesto for change. You can read all of the articles again from the links below. We have also sent a link to the FA, The Conference, Northern, Southern and Isthmian Leagues to ask for their comment. But we wont be holding our breath for any feedback. We all know that sense and football administration are unlikely bedfellows. Hope you have enjoyed them, and if you think of anything else we have missed, please get in touch. Same time, same place next year?” The Ball is Round

South Americans ready to stop Spanish stroll

“Spain’s win at Euro 2012 – their third consecutive major tournament win – has sparked off all kinds of comparisons in the bar room debate over the best international team of all time. Of course, such conversations have a strong subjective component, but it is hard to formulate arguments against the facts – and a fourth consecutive trophy will surely tip the balance in Spain’s favour. But title number four looks set to be the hardest of the lot. It entails doing what no European team has ever done – winning the World Cup on South American soil when the world come to Brazil in 2014.” BBC – Tim Vickery