The Rough Guide to Cult Football

March 7, 2011

The Rough Guide to Cult Football is the ultimate companion to the beautiful game. The only football book of its kind, it goes beyond the usual back page material to uncover the most amazing stories and unlikeliest personalities on Planet Football. It reveals the stories behind the mavericks and cult figures that make up the real heroes of the game – from cultured mid fielders to jailbirds, drinkers to hard men, local legends to international wanderers.” amazon, Cult Football

Liverpool vs Man Utd: In-Depth Tactical Analysis.

March 7, 2011

“Liverpool’s resurgence under Kenny Dalglish appeared to have been derailed by last week’s loss to West Ham, but the Reds emerged triumphant in this fixture, prevailing over a Manchester United team that has now lost three out of five Premier League games for the first time since 2004.” Tomkins Times

Liverpool v Manchester United chalkboard analysis
“Dirk Kuyt was the hero with his three goals, but aside from his poaching the Dutchman had a good all-round game as the lone striker, coming short to pick up the ball and creating space for the Liverpool midfielders to exploit. The chalkboard shows that he rarely came deep into central positions, but instead pulled out to the flanks and combined with Liverpool’s wide players.” Guardian

English Premier League (EPL) Match Of The Day (MOTD)

March 7, 2011

“Below are MOTD video highlights for all the EPL matches on March 5, 2011. The full edition of MOTD can be viewed here.” The 90th Minute

Is Luiz the new Lucio?

March 7, 2011

“Is David Luiz destined to be a pillar of the defence and a leader of men for club and country? With their latest Brazilian acquisition, have Chelsea signed the new Lucio? There are clear similarities, not all of them complementary. Luiz, already in Portugal with Benfica, first appeared on the radar screen of the average Brazilian fan during a disastrous World Youth Cup campaign in Canada in 2007, mixing up some slipshod defending with disciplinary problems.” BBC – Tim Vickery

The Slow Death of English Football

March 7, 2011

“It is easy to be disillusioned with modern football. In a game where clubs are willing to trade their heritage for a new flat-pack stadium and some supporters burn replica shirts when their star striker moves to another Premier League club, football has departed from its origins and core roots. It is only when you analyse how the game has evolved since the 1800’s, though, that you realise that it has been inevitable for several decades.” In Bed With Mardona

Good Day, Bad Day: Pep’s back and Reyes is roasting

March 7, 2011

“Not too much to talk about with Barcelona and their 1-0 home win over Zaragoza best described as perfunctory. But it’s a better day for Pep Guardiola, who got the go-ahead to leave hospital on Monday after two nights being bed-bathed by buxom Barça-loving nurses whilst suffering from a hernia in his back.” FourFourTwo

Midnight in India / Super Dense Crush Load

March 7, 2011

“There are several things to do in a city at night. Sleep is typically the most judicious, but in a culture that disproportionately rewards crime, overtime and dance parties, it takes a conscious effort to honour your dreaming life.” Run of Play


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