1950s Month: The Mighty Magyars

“It would be impossible to write a collection of articles on the subject of football in the 1950s without paying homage to the Mighty Magyars. One of the greatest teams to have ever graced the game, for the best part of six years Gusztáv Sebes’ Hungary thrilled audiences across Europe with their innovative and unique style, going down in history as one of the finest sporting collectives there has ever been.” The Equaliser

It’s 1950s month on The Equaliser
“The ‘Decade by Decade’ series continues in March with a look at football in the 1950s. With the game back on its feet after the Second World War, this was a decade which saw the game begin to flourish once again, World Cups resuming and a series of rich footballing narratives being played out against the backdrop of an unprecedented global economic boom and yet growing Cold War paranoia.” The Equaliser

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