A World Traveler Comes Full Circle

USA Costa Rica
“It feels great. I signed all the way back in August, and it felt like an eternity until we got started. There was so much time that you begin to think about whether you should have done one more year in Europe. All that down time, too much time to think.”(NYT – Jack Bell)

Pellegrini finds right blend for Villarreal (BBC – Tim Vickery’s Blog)
“Some years ago there was speculation linking Manuel Pellegrini to the job of assistant coach at Manchester United. Whether or not there was any foundation to the rumours, it didn’t happen, and Old Trafford’s loss has been Villarreal’s gain.”

Pro Vercelli: The Takeover (The Run of Play – Brian Phillips)
“Keeping the team together after this minor-key organ blast appeared in the Vercelli Soccer Express was one of the more difficult man-management challenges I’ve faced this season, not least because I had to keep myself together, too.”

Altidore spotlights overseas pitfalls (SI – Ridge Mahoney)
“Surely by the time he returns to Spain, Jozy Altidore will be a must-use for his club Xerez, seeing as how he drilled four goals in two hours of action for the U.S. against El Salvador and Trinidad and Tobago in World Cup qualifying matches.”

Saving Soccer in a Football World (SoccerLens – Alan Worrall)
“Trolling the site for some interesting articles to read recently, I came across Ahmed’s article from the fourth of July of last year (side note, probably not the best day to write the article, Ahmed!).”

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