Inter and the Left

March 20, 2016

“Football’s relationship with politics both on the left and right has been well documented. Those who wish to reinforce their ideology over those whom they rule or wish to, have never been short on using the sport for its propaganda purposes and Mexico’s socialist Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) are no different. The EZLN were formed in late 1983 and based themselves in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas. Their foundation was made amongst the complex ideologies of Mexico’s urban north and the indigenous populations of the remote areas of eastern Chiapas. Using connections between the local peasantry and the Catholic Church the group soon began to have a popular following. On January 1 1994 the EZLN made a public statement which in effect declared war upon the Mexican government.” In Bed With Maradona


Entering the world of Liga MX

February 21, 2016

Mexican fans at a friendly between the Seattle Sounders F.C. and Club Tijuana of the Liga MX. (Photo: Ted S. Warren/Associated Press)
“What does it take to get one to watch a football league? Apparently quite a lot. Despite being one of two countries that borders my home country of the United States this intrepid reporter is finally getting into Mexican soccer. It might seem like I might be getting into Mexican soccer a bit late. After all, Mexican soccer matches have been shown on Spanish language television and radio for decades in the United States and Mexican soccer players have made their impact on local club teams such as former Los Angeles Galaxy and Chicago Fire goalkeeper Jorge Campos and former Chicago Fire Cuauhtémoc Blanco. Although many young goalkeepers in the United States tried to emulate Campos by wearing fuchsia jerseys (may those pictures never get out) and make endeavors on the attack, very few became followers of Liga MX to the extent they do with other foreign leagues.” backpagefootball (Video)

Miguel Herrera is facing a very stressful summer

March 28, 2015

“The most famous image of Miguel Herrera shows the Mexico head coach going super saiyan. Exuberant goal celebrations like that one have gone viral since his Club América days, but the most popular depicts Herrera twisting and yelling before the edit kicks in to make him transform in Dragon Ball Z style. When Mexico entered the global spotlight at last summer’s World Cup, the gifs made Herrera El Tri’s biggest star.” Soccer Gods

Comeback at Cruz Azul hints Chivas may not be terrible

February 23, 2015

“It was a tactic Chivas manager Chepo de la Torre had tried before. Mostly out of options in Saturday’s match at Cruz Azul, he turned to it again. Down 1-0 late, one of Mexico’s greatest clubs was in a position that’s become all too familiar – one of desperation. Without a result against La Máquina, de la Torre’s team would be even with Puebla near the bottom of the relegation table, with only recently-promoted Universidad de Guadalajara separating the Guadalajara giants from Liga MX’s relegation spot.” Soccer Gods

Liga MX’s small city realities care not for improvement at Veracruz and Querétaro

February 10, 2015

“Friday’s match between Veracruz and Querétaro offered little to fans who prefer to spend their time near the top of the Liga MX standings, but average plods of the two not so good, not quite bad teams shed light on the tough times faced by the top flight’s smaller city clubs. While Veracruz has enjoyed a mini-renaissance so far in Clausura 2015, it is still near the bottom of the porcentaje (relegation) table. Dropping is more than a possibility. Meanwhile, Querétaro has new backers and brought in Ronaldinho but still languishes outside the Liquilla playoff spots. Both teams, badly needing a wins to kick-start their tournaments, were left sharing the spoils after a 1-1 draw. Can either really take heart in the result?” Soccer Gods

Soccer Gods – Liga MX