Five conclusions about…Italy

Giampaolo Pazzini
“Cesare Prandelli has brought in a style of play that is suited well to modern football – in South Africa last year Italy lacked any kind of cohesive gameplan. Despite the World Cup victory, you could say that was the situation throughout Marcello Lippi’s two tenures – Italy triumphed in 2006 because of a combination of (a) having a collection of superb footballers and (b) Lippi getting his tactical decisions correct every time. When the heroes of 2006 faded and Lippi got things wrong (most obviously against New Zealand), Italy were a very poor side – not creative, not threatening on the break, not good at keeping the ball.” Zonal Marking

Five conclusions about…Germany
“Many hoped that this game would see (yet another) new generation of German internationals – in particular, the group of youngsters that have taken Dortmund to the top of the table – Mario Götze, Mats Hummels, Marcel Schmelzer, Lars Bender and Kevin Grosskreutz. As it turned out, Jogi Löw chose pretty much last year’s World Cup side, with two changes in defence. The front six was very familiar.” Zonal Marking

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