Why It’s OK to Say “EPL”

“The phrase ‘EPL’ (short for English Premier League) was very nearly included in this post earlier today, because I know English fans often laugh at Americans (or other foreigners) who refer to the Premier League as such. But after thinking it over, I changed my mind. And I want to explain why. So if you’re one of those English fans who snickers when they hear those three letters, then please keep reading.” (The Offside)

Fixtures in the Faroe Islands
“The Faroe Islands have no chance of qualification, but they have as always given a good account of themselves. They may have only secured 1 point in a draw against Austria, but in conceding only 8 goals, they have proven to be viable opposition.” (the other football)

Kenya Wasting a Huge Opportunity Ahead of the 2010 World Cup?
“Kenya needs to get their act together. The country’s had an abundance of problems the past few years. From two competing football leagues to a FIFA suspension, the people running Kenyan football can’t seem to figure out how to make football work in their country. It’s a pity, too. The 2010 World Cup is an economic bonanza waiting to happen. The East African nation could gain financially from teams planning to come to the country to acclimate themselves before proceeding to South Africa for the 2010 finals.” (road to 2010 final)

Match Of The Midweek: West Ham United 3-1 Millwall
“The League Cup Second Round is probably the least inspiring week of the early part of the new season. In front of swathes of empty tip-up seats, youth and reserve team players half-heartedly play out matches that no-one really wants to be involved in. On the pitch tonight, West Ham United won this match. After falling behind to a first half goal, West Ham took until three minutes from what should have been the end of normal time before finding an equaliser before winning the match with two goals in extra time.” (twohundredpercent)

Damn It, United…
“Last season Manchester United rarely looked their team-devouring best. They often struggled against the stubborn brick walls put up by sides they used to rout. They didn’t dominate so much as scrape out the clutch wins. Loads of late goals in tight matches. Loads of slim margins. It wasn’t a season of pure stellar performance, yet points are points and United still won the league.” (EPL Talk)


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