Video Of The Week: G’ole, The Official Film Of The 1982 World Cup

June 1, 2010

“The Official World Cup Film is a film genre in its own right. It still exists, although FIFA tends to prefer to peddle goal compilations in the market place these days and its powers are now much diminished. A quarter of a century, though, they still mattered. “G’Olé”, the official film of the 1982 World Cup finals, is a classic of the genre. Narrated by Sean Connery, it is in turn fascinating, excrutiating and pretentious beyond belief, to the extent of having a soundtrack by… Rick Wakeman. When it hits its stride, though, it is stunning. The slow-motion footage of Marco Tardelli losing his mind is quite a thing to behold.” (twohundredpercent)

World Cup Group E Preview: World Cup Buzz Podcast

June 1, 2010

“In the first of eight group previews, I am joined by Laurence McKenna and Kartik Krishnaiyer to – with a little help of Andy Brassel, Simon Hill, and Simon Kuper – look at Group E. The Netherlands are the seeded nation in a group with no easy points. Denmark won its UEFA qualifying group. Cameroon is one of the nations expected to reap an advantage from the World Cup going to Africa for the first time. Japan’s talented midfield is poised to take advantage of any team that may slip. Your three analysts discuss each team and, going match-by-match, give their picks for the two teams that will come out of the group.” (EPL Talk), (World Cup Group H Preview: World Cup Buzz Podcast)

Three strikers is a risky tactic for New Zealand

June 1, 2010

“New Zealand are the rank outsiders for this tournament – or 32nd favourites, if you like – available at up to 2000/1. They would see a single point as an achievement in South Africa, and their saving grace is that they are in a relatively weak group, alongside three fairly defensive sides.” (Zonal Marking)

Mediating South Africa 2010: Parting Thoughts and Sources

June 1, 2010

Note: The second half of this post is a set of suggested links and sources for context and culture around the coming World Cup; anyone interested in that more than my own thoughts on context—or anyone with suggestions of your own—should feel free to skip ahead. (Pitch Invasion)

Top 10 teams never to win the WC

June 1, 2010

“The former Notts County manager Jimmy Sirrel once said, “The best teams wins, the rest is gossip.” If that’s the case, there’s been an awful lot of idle talk during World Cups. Some of the greatest teams to play the game did not lift the trophy; here’s a subjective list of the top 10…” (SI)

My Roma: Serie A’s First Supporters’ Trust Is Established

June 1, 2010

“On 27 May, the first ever Supporters’ Trust in Serie A was formally established in Rome, with a ‘Constitutional Assembly’ convened to agree the structures and purpose of the new association whose ultimate objective is fan ownership at AS Roma. After the morning meeting, where 83 supporters symbolically assembled to approve the Statute, the paperwork for the ‘MyRoma’ association was registered with the notary and the organisation was finally operational. Months of hard-work, planning, publicity and dialogue have led up to this point: now it’s time to see how fans will react.” (Pitch Invasion)

World Cup Q&A

June 1, 2010

Alexis Sanchez
“This week some of our regular bloggers will be answering your World Cup questions. South American expert Tim Vickery is first to put his neck on the block.” (BBC – Tim Vickery)

The kids are coming

June 1, 2010

“Andy Najar, 17, runs cuts and curls, darts off and comes to a sudden stop. He drifts to the right wing, collects the ball with his right foot, controls it with his left and flips it into space with his right again, sending D.C. United teammate Adam Cristman on a clear path to goal. Three touches. Cristman only has to tap the ball over the goalkeeper to put his team ahead. Najar whizzes past a man and sends in a dangerous cross.” (ESPN)

Group D – The Germans

June 1, 2010

“Nobody can deny that in international history, Germany are always among the front-runners. The Germans hold an impressive pedigree having won the World Cup three times, finishing runners-up on four occasions and having made the Quarter Finals in 14 of 16 appearances. The reason for this winning mentality: belief and efficiency. Even when critics have written them off, Germany manages to produce the goods.” (Six Pointer)


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